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WLSMail is the email service for use by staff of WLS and its member libraries.

You can access WLS Mail by clicking on [1]

WLS Mail is a branded version of Gmail provided by Google for non-for-profit agencies such as Westchester Library System and its member libraries.

Requesting an Account

If you would like to sign up for a WLS Mail Account please see the page on this wiki: How to request an e-Mail account

Dormant Accounts

On a periodic basis, WLS will purge dormant accounts. These accounts are posted in advanced to allow the opportunity to retain an account scheduled for deletion.

Accessing WLSMail

You can access WLSMail through any of the following links:

http://mail.google.com and use your full email address to login. i.e. user@wlsmail.org

http://gmail.wlsmail.org and use your account name only. i.e. user