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What is commonly referred to as Sirsi is not just one system, but a series of servers and software packages that function together to provide Westchester Library System with an ILS (Integrated Library System). The ILS manages member library holdings, circulation functions such as check-in and check-out, various methods of patron notification, OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) hosting, cataloging maintenance, acquisitions and reporting tools. Below you will see a breakdown of the various pieces and where these functions fold into them.


Westchester currently runs Sirsi Symphony 3.3 as its core server for the ILS. Symphony is the software that performs and manages all of the core functions of the ILS including circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, report scheduling and generation, API (Application Programming Interface) tools and more. The server that runs Symphony also runs Oracle. Oracle is the DBMS (Database Management System) which holds all of the data driven by Unicorn. Together Symphony and Oracle work to process all of the information that drives the business of the member libraries. WLS upgraded from Unicorn 3.1 to Symphony 3.3 in Fall 2009.


Workflows is an application that talk to Unicorn and provides the interface through which library staff conduct the business of the library. This application accesses the various functions of circulation, cataloging, acquisitions and reporting and present that data in ways that are relevant to the user.

Director's Station

Director's Station is a web-based utility that allows for fast and dynamic reports to be run. Unlike the Report module in Workflows, this tool is not intended for official statistical reporting. This is a tool that allows the director to view management level reports. These reports will allow directors to identify trends and patters within the business of their library. This will help libraries prepare to better anticipate and serve the needs of their public.

PLEASE NOTE: The current version of Director's Station is NOT compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). Please do not upgrade to IE8 if you need to use Director's Station. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7(IE7) is supported.


SVA (Sirsi Voice Automation) is a system used for phone-based patron self-service and notification. There are two main components of SVA. The first is patron self-service. This part of the system allows a patron to call on the phone and hear if they have any available holds, any unpaid fines, what items they currently have checked out and opt to renew those materials. The second component phone-based notifications. In this function SVA receives a daily list of phone notifications that must be delivered to patrons. SVA takes that list and begins calling at 9AM every day to deliver to patrons information on available holds and overdue materials.


iBistro is the OPAC delivered with the Sirsi system. This is a web-based catalog designed for patron use. While it shows much of the information included in Workflows, it does not have the functions and tools that library staff need to do their work. iBistro also cannot see all of the items in the catalog. If an item has been shadowed (blocked from public view) it can only be seen in Workflows and will not display in the OPAC. In iBistro, a patron can search for materials, place holds and renew materials. IN WLS, iBistro is also complimented by a second search product called Muse.